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Frequently Asked Questions



A:   Fill out a Sign up Form at a Gold Rush Location





A:   Go to any Gold Rush green box location; take a Green DOT label off the side      of the Box; Write your Number on the green Dot. Put the Dot on the Toonie.        Drop the Toonie in the Box.




A:   The Draw is every Wednesday at noon. Play by 3PM on Tuesday at the               Green Boxes.





A:   No. The Draw is from the Numbers.




A:   Until you cancel the number




A:    If a player did not play their Toonie and their number is drawn, that                  prize rolls over to the next draw. That’s why it’s called a modified 50/50





A:    Yes. Fill in another Sign up Form to get another number.

       Remember…a number needs to be played every week to win.




A:    You can stop by The Boys and Girls Club of Havelock or Salisbury if paying        by cash or Cheque. And cash credit/debit or check at The Boys and Girls            Club of Petitcodiac.




A:    You can pre-pay in any amount you wish ~ ex.  $8, $10, $20 or $104 ~ we         just ask that you pre-pay at the Boys & Girls Club office rather than                    leaving large amounts of money in a green box that only gets collected              once a week.

Q:   How do I get a Gold Rush number?

Q:   How do I play Gold Rush?

Q:   When is the draw?

Q:   Is the draw done from the toonies?

Q:   How long is my number in the draw?

Q:   What is "roll-over"?

Q:   Can I play more than one number?

Q:   How can I pay in advance so I won't forget to play

Q:   How much can I pre-pay?

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