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"A good place to be"



Afterschool Program

 Our Rates  


$80.00 (1 child)

$150.00 (2 children)

$220.00 (3 children)


Additional rates for school closure days


$14.00 (one child)

$25.00 (2 children)

$36.00 (3 children)


Christmas Break & March Break


$125.00 (One Child)

$200.00 (2 Children)

$325.00 (3 Children)



 In the Afterschool Program we have tons of fun and make memories that will last a lifetime.  We strive to be non-stop active and spend time outside to promote a healthy and active lifestyle.


From dodgeball to angry bird relays, your children are sure to enjoy!


We Offer


Daily outdoor activities

Supervised computer time with internet access


Ping Pong

XBOX 360 with Kinect

A large variety of board games


Peer reading programs

Homework assistance

and much, much more


Some of our annual events and activities include:


Yearly Christas Card creation contest.  Prizes awarded to the winner and their artwork is used for the company's Christmas Card.


We get to take a number of our Afterschool Program children, each fall, to enjoy the activities and adventures that Tim Horton's Camp has to offer. Children between 9-12 years of age, along with staff members, are transported to the camp by the Tim Horton's bus.  The camp has an outdoor adventure program and the children get to do activities such as biking and archery.  This is an apportunity to have an amazing experience, spending time with youth from other Boys & Girls Clubs. 


The Boys and Girls Club Maritime Jamboree.  Where we meet with many other Boys and Girls Clubs from all over the Maritimes for fun activites and games. 

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