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Torch Sports

*Please Note*

The ability to run this program is dependent on the

number of summer student wage grants which are received

We welcome volunteers who are interested in helping

to provide this program

Torch Sports is a multi-sport summer program designed for kids between the ages of 2- 12.  It focuses on the fundamentals of many of the most popular sports around the world mixed in with some popular in-house favorites played here at the      Boys and Girls Club of Salisbury!


The Torch Sports Program is delivered by our very own crew of staff and volunteers. Our mission is to encourage the youth to try new things and understand the fundamentals of sports at a young age. We believe that all youth should have an equal opportunity to try sports from all around the world. Torch Sports offers an experience the kids will never forget!


From June-August


If you would like to know more about this program,

please call 372-5873.



Membership Fee: $25.00*

Income Tax receipt given at time of registation


*Membership fees are waived, or sponsored, for anyone who cannot afford to pay.

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