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Our Mission


“To provide a safe, supportive place where children and youth can experience new opportunities, overcome barriers, build positive relationships and develop confidence and skills for life.”


Our Brand Promise

After over 100 years of providing quality services to children and youth that make a significant difference in their lives, Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada and its member clubs are a trusted, reputable fixture of the charitable landscape in Canada.

Boys and Girls Clubs are accessible, affordable and safe places where children and youth can be themselves, participate in programs, or just hang out. Children and youth develop lasting, positive relationships with caring adult role models, which have been proven to have a lifechanging influence. Many club members later become staff or volunteers as the connection with the clubs is so much like being part of a family.

Clubs have a strong focus on after-school programs, but also provide a broad range of programs that stretch beyond that time frame. Clubs provide social, recreational and developmental programs to children, youth and their families that build essential life skills. Clubs offer the benefits of early intervention and prevention, as they reach out to all children and youth in their communities, but particularly to those at risk or from disadvantaged circumstances. Respect and acceptance of diversity are also key features of Clubs. But it is the benefits of relationship-building, leadership development, youth engagement, the building of self-esteem and resiliency in children, and a sense of belonging for those who may feel they don’t fit in elsewhere, that are the strongest promises of the Clubs. Through this holistic approach to child development, the Clubs strengthen the ability of children and youth to become engaged, active citizens and leaders in their communities.

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