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A Good Place to Be!

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Highland Park, Salisbury, NB

          Benefits of being a Club Member

~ We provide 2 healthy snacks and lunch in our ELC and  a healthy afternoon snack in our ASP.

~ When enrolled in our ELC, our preschool and playschool programs are included free of charge. 

~ We offer school drop off and pick up in our ASP.

~ When enrolled in our ASP your child may have the opportunity to attend Tim Horton’s camp all                 expenses paid.

~ We offer field trips and activities that are all expenses paid.

~ We offer Evening Drop In Programs that are free of charge.

~ Club Members have access to scholarships through Boys & Girls Clubs of Canada.

~ Our Afterschool Club Members participate in National Contests from large coorperations like Best         Buy, Sears and the Boys & Girls Clubs of Canada.

~ We offer Mentor and Volunteer opportunities.

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Pink Shirt Day

Help us put a stop to bullying by wearing a pink shirt on February 23rd.

Positive Actions make a Positive Change!

Gold Rush

* 50 50 Draw

* Pick a number

* Pay a toonie 

* Play it Weekly


Contact us


We would be pleased to answer any questions regarding our programs and the availability of spaces in our child care programs.

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